Welcome to the official page for Lone Wolf Rust's Wolf Pass -

 A quick and easy way to skip all queues for Lone Wolf and join our server immediately, even during peak times!


Wolf Pass is a monthly subscription that is widely considered to be the best value in all of Rust with a pricetag of only $5 per month!

Wolf Pass Perks include:

  • Skip the server queue! Don't wait in line when the server is full!
  • Glorious golden usernames on our Rust servers and in our Discord server
  • Access to the exlusive Wolf Den private channel in our Discord
  • Ability to use our Sir Rustalot AI bot for chat and image generations!
  • Access to our Map Preview Servers to explore and plan your base before our new maps go live for forced wipe
  • Access to the Wolf Pass Minecraft server.
  • Early wipe warnings, weighted votes in Community Map Polls, ability to screenshare in Voice Channels, & more!

Your support of the server is greatly appreciated!